Ansari Group Ltd. is honored to be affiliated with:

UN Habitat: Ansari Group Ltd. has collaborated with UN-Habitat to launch the “SDG Cities Initiative” in 900 cities by 2030. The Project is worth $4 Trillion. Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2030, it is projected that 6 in 10 people will be urban dwellers and by 2050, two-thirds of human beings. The rapidly increasing dominance of urban areas ensures that the process of urbanization is among the most significant global trends of the 21st century.

The Women’s Collection: The Women’s Collection is an exclusive, multifaceted program designed to empower Canadian women to make the right financial choices. The program combines education, networking, tools, and resources, as well as Canada’s first Digital Investment Platform ad Solution developed and designed for women by women.

Ansari Portraits: Ansari Group Ltd has taken the initiative to begin Ansari Portraits. We rely on oil painting portraits because this type of paintings has a lifespan of minimum 100 years. Our customized handmade oil portraits are very mastery painted. These portraits are very remarkable and noteworthy as have specific criteria to select our clients.

Peace by Sania Ansari: “Peace by Sania Ansari” brand was curated with an idea to promote peace through different campaigns. The first campaign will be launched with an initiative to spread affection, and cherish bonds between people. It’s called, “Make Friends” which will encourage friendships and promote peace at the same time.

DELEGATIONS: H.E. Ms. Sania A. Ansari also consults the governments to enhance the trade relations between the respective countries. She helps to design and organize the Trade delegations, headed by the governmental officials from various countries to the U.A.E and Canada, to explore the possible synergies between the Governments and corporations.


We work as a team with market leading corporations around the world and give our clients the quality consulting services and advice.