Media Consulting

Ansari Group Ltd offers Media Consultancy services with deep expertise and information on the ground. The term media refers to communication channels that help in promulgate the news to the audience all over. It includes music, movies, education, promotional messages, online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet, fax, and billboards.

Media is a part of society since ancient times. It belongs to an era when people painted and wrote the information to communicate and share information. With time, the mode has been updated but the idea is the same to circulate information among people. The updated mode of sharing information has made access to the latest news easy. Following are the categories of different kinds of media:


This type of mass media is the old school method to deliver information to the audience, preferred by generations of the 80s and 90s. Under this category of media, communication is done through written means. People relied on newspapers and magazines to learn everything, from recipes to entertainment news to important information about the country or the world. Print media includes News Papers, Magazines, Books, Flyers, Banners, Brochures & Billboards.


Broadcasting is the dispensing of audio and video content to the dispersed audience through electrical means. The job of this is to promote the transmission of programs through electromagnetic spectrum, in a one-to-many model. There is a wide range of forms of broadcast media, including: TV Media – in former times, there were very few TV channels sharing limited content, whereas now, we have a broader field for content. We have hundreds of channels on the list, to choose from.

Radio – it is the audio transmission through the device, which promotes entertaining, informative, and educative content to the listeners. Due to its high reach, radio is widely used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Movies – the combination of moving pictures is called movies. Movies hold a huge chunk in the entertainment world. It has been playing a huge part to promote cultures, raise voice against social issues, and spread social awareness.

Out-of-home Media OHM

Out of Home Media is just as its name suggests; out of the home. The advertising content is found outside of the home. This includes billboards, sign ads, bus shelters, benches, public places that have frequent exposure to the public, transit areas like the train station and airports, or place based as media like that you can find at the stadium or in the cinemas.

Internet Media

The Internet is the most interactive type of media. Communication has become so effortless. Internet media is the new trend and people rely on the internet to get the latest trending news. In this type of media, the information is delivered through videos, texts, and audios. Following are the types of media:

Social Networks or Websites – this includes all social media forums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. These platforms are at the fingertips of the audience. It is user friendly and keeps the public engage.

Online Forums – an online platform where audiences with the same interests, is enabled to exchange or share knowledge through comments and messages.

Podcast – an audio file regarding a specific topic or that that is available online is called Podcast. It can be downloaded into a mobile phone or a computer. It is sharing knowledge digitally through audio means.

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